Twenty-five digital experts with a lot to talk about…

Eduardo Vázquez

Deloitte Digital

Eduardo Vázquez is Head of the Deloitte Digital Agency at Deloitte Digital. Eduardo has worked for some of the most important agencies and consultancy firms in the country in the areas of Research, Strategy and Customer Services. In addition, he has been an instructor in different public and private universities, business schools and has participated as a speaker in various events in the sector.


Sensors and Sensibility. Personalized Experiences.

21/6/2017 | 13:30

Jonathan Vaux


Jonathan Vaux is Executive Director, Innovation Partnerships for Visa Europe since 2014, focused on extending the Visa acceptance promise into new digital environments – whether it’s online or in-store, through a mobile or a tablet, in-app or through a digital wallet – and developing flexible ways for our partners to integrate Visa services into their commerce and banking platforms.

Jonathan has held a number of roles since 1998 including Commercial Director of V.me, Head of Processing, Head of Alternative Payments, Head of Commercial Solutions and Vice President, Commercial Solutions for Visa International. Jonathan holds an honours degree in Law from University College London, and a Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.


Disruption Through Innovation

22/06/2017 | 18:30

Alvaro Marquez


With over fifteen years of experience in the Design industry, Alvaro is Executive Director of Method, Principal Designer of the EVRY Strategic Design Lab, and co-founder of Present Spaces.

Earlier in his career, Alvaro was Head of Research & Development and Service Design at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, where he lead a large accelerator program designed to transform the national broadcaster into a truly modern digital media organisation. Previously, Alvaro worked as Creative Director for Frog Design in Shanghai where he led key experience strategy and new product innovation programs focused on East Asia and developing markets.

Aside from his professional career, Alvaro is a preeminent public speaker and visiting lecturer at the University of Technology in Sydney, the University of New South Wales, and the Business School at the Imperial College in London.

As a systematic thinker Alvaro enjoys pushing the boundaries of conventionality, and from his perspective design’s ultimate responsibility is to discreetly advance the human experience through meaningful and positive change.


Technology, Business, and Robots! – Becoming digital without losing your soul

21/6/2017 | 19:10

Tim Leberecht

Leberecht & Partners

A consultant in innovation and strategy for multinational businesses around the world, a marketing expert in the areas of design, software, telecommunications, and entertainment, and a common face in the main forums of this profession – Forbes, Harvard, TED… He is also the author of the bestselling “The Business Romantic.”



The Business Romantic - 4 ways to build a human company in the age of machine

22/6/2017 | 09:30

Angela Lester

K Street & Tribal Worldwide Spain

Angela Lester is the CEO of experience strategy at K Street, a NYC based consulting agency in strategy and user experience design and Head of CX at Tribal Worldwide Spain. Angela has 22 years of experience in primary research, analytics, digital and business strategy, and product and service design. En K Street, she aids clients through complex transformations in order to be more focused on the user, using the customer as a prism to
build business and increase market share.

Angela worked and teamed up with many agencies such as BBDO, Atmosphere, Tribal, DDB and DraftFCB. Her clients include Citi, BBVA, Bank of America, Dassault Systemes, Comcast, IGT, Toyota, ADT, Johnson and Johnson, Alcon, Exxon Mobil, Suez Environment and many other top companies.


Ideas Die in the Conference Room

21/6/2017 | 16:00

Peter Gallo

Code And Theory

Peter Gallo is the head of user experience design in Code and Theory. Prior to joining Code and Theory, Gallo worked with major clients such as NASA, IBM, Chanel, and Marriott. He worked as a strategy director for user experience at Tribal Worldwide, directing the UX team on projects with Drug Free America, H&R Block, Exxon Mobil, and Alcon.

In just three years at Code and Theory, Gallo has helped develop products for Bloomberg, National Geographic, Comcast, SC Johnson, and more. He specializes in workflow and backend design, information architecture, and direct animation. Gallo won three Cannes Lion and 11 Webby honorees for projects ranging from the Gagosian Gallery iPad app to the backend of the Johnny Cash project. When he is not designing, Gallo loves to sail, drink tiki drinks, and be bothered by mediocre designs.


Navigation in the New World, or Pushing for Innovation within Comfortable Companies

22/6/2017 | 19:45

Heather Harrigan

Big Spaceship

Heather Harrigan works in Big Spaceship as a VP in User Experience and is an expert experience designer with a wide range of UX skills and strategic planning, focused especially on the interaction between person, brand, product, and company strategy in the digital environment. Most recently, Heather has worked in Huge as the director of group experience. Before she joined Huge, she was in charge of UX and strategy at Tribal DDB for
Mars and Pfizer brands, and SVP of user experience in Rokkan, an agency known for its work for Chipotle, JetBlue, and other pioneering brands


Building Products in the Attention Economy - Balancing ethical obligations with business realities

21/6/2017 | 12:45

Pablo Delcan

Delcan & Co

Pablo Delcan is a graphic designer originally from Spain. In 2014, he founded Delcan & Company, a design and animation studio based in NYC. He is a contributor to the New York Times and teaches typography in the School of Visual Arts. Delcan was mentioned as a part of the Forbes 30 Under 30 of 2017 and was named as a Young Gun in 2016 by the Art Directors Club.


Desing & Transformation

22/6/2017 | 17:30

Mar González

Microsoft USA

Virtual reality, graphics, a vision for computers, and haptics to create immersive experiences are some of the fields of research that Mar González works with on a day to day basis in her Microsoft Research office.

This computer engineer based in the Unites States links her work to other fields such as biomedicine, perception, and neuroscience, as well as the impact of digital interaction in society, for which she has made multiple studies and collaborations.


Illusions in Virtual Reality

22/6/2017 | 12:05

Rob Brown


Rob Brown

Currently BBVA’s Global Head of Marketing, Design and Responsible Business. Initially brought onboard to lead the Global Design Team, a team of 150 highly skilled designers in 11 countries, now leading the design strategy of the global BBVA brand across all platforms and business units within BBVA.

Built Barclays global design team, growing the group from 9 designers working solely in the retail business in November 2012 to 130 designers working globally in every business until, across all disciplines. Opened and led design centres in Dallas, London, Johannesburg, NYC, Pune and Vilnius.  

Extensive experience in bringing partnership pitches to life through various media, including: print, packaging, video, interactive, web-development and customer experience. 


Making design relevant in a massive global organization

21/6/2017 | 19:40

Guillermo Medín


Currently he is a designer of services and experiences at Designit. In the past, he spent eight years designing boats, vehicles and products as an industrial designer. Thanks to the h2i scholarship, he began to apply design and innovation learning to people working on projects in sectors such as retail, telecommunications, industrialization and energy. He is particularly passionate about the potential offered by service design as a discipline to generate value and impact a sector as complex as health.


Designing experiences in the health sector: myths and facts

21/6/2017 | 18:25

Nacho García


About eight years ago, Nacho García found his passion for digital start-ups, where he has since been lucky enough to work in different industries such as: fintech, m-commerce and telco. He is currently CEO of Sumofuturo, a company that is dedicated to democratizing the financial well-being of individuals in their companies. In the past, Nacho has led Ventures in companies such as BBVA, Nimble Payments, Holvi, iZettle, Zeerca and Simyo.


Innova tú, que a mi me da la risa

22/06/2017 | 16:45

Carmen Bustos


Carmen Bustos is the founding partner of the strategic consultancy firm, Soulsight, as well as being the one responsible for the area of design and innovation. Her mission, along with all the other employees at Soulsight, is to help companies create value through design thinking.


Innova tú, que a mi me da la risa

22/06/2017 | 16:45

Ángel Barbero

Liquid IT, Accenture Digital

Ángel Barbero is in charge of selling smoke in the Liquid IT team at Accenture Digital, which is formerly known as Tecnilógica. His professional career goes back twenty years when he started thinking of and managing projects related to innovation and technology for all types of companies, which continue to grow and produce today.


Innova tú, que a mi me da la risa

22/06/2017 | 16:45

Carlos Mascías

HM Hospitales

Licensed, but not a doctor, in medicine and surgery. His calling was to become a family doctor. After many years working in a hospital, many hours of guarding the emergency room, and many days of consultation, he decided to take the leap to hospital management. After 9 years in charge as medical director at a cancer center, he realized that the current health model needs a radical change and for about a year he fought to make changes. He is convinced that very few things currently happening in the field of medicine will be the same in five years’ time.


Going to the doctor will never be the same. Are we prepared?

21/6/2017 | 17:20

Tomasz Smardzewski


Tomasz is a member of Diga33! and the founder of Whiteboard Digital, customer experience and digital transformation consultants. He has over 15 years of experience as a leader in customer-centric transformation projects. He developed the customer experience functionality at Orange España and has contributed to the strategy of digital relationships with Orange brand clients internationally. He currently helps companies define their customer experience strategies. As a mentor, he supports the responsible CX and digital teams in achieving cross-cutting collaboration between the different silos. He comes from the telco sector, but he believes that the customer experience does not have industry frontiers. Fan of people-centered brands. He shares his ideas and experiences as associate professor of programs at ICEMD, ESIC and the Digital Innovation Center of the UC3 Foundation. He is originally Polish, but made Spanish.


United States of Experience

22/06/2017 | 10:35

Pablo M.Ramírez

Sin palabras

Reinventing yourself is vital in order to survive in today’s times. For more than twenty years in the press sector of this country, he has managed to reconvert the visual designs in the main channels of Spanish media.

After advising some of the largest companies in communication, in addition to SMEs and startups, today Pablo runs his own company, a pioneering consulting agency in visual thinking, change management, product and service design, process improvement, and workshops in creativity and design.

He also teaches courses speaks at conferences all around the world, today he will be with us in our hub! Come to the presentation and you will see!


I can draw too. Tricks and techniques to lose the fear of drawing and visualizing concepts

21/6/2017 | 10:50

Fausto Camacho


This anthropologist converted to an experience designer carries out multiple projects ranging from strategic design, digital project management, workshop creation, and training and management of equipment. He started out initially at LEGO and now has his own company.

With a project currently in the incubation phase for the Factoría Cultural Matadero de Madrid, Fausto has a lot to teach us. Will you be there?


The game of thinking with your hands

21/6/2017 | 12:00

Tavo Ponce

Tavo Studio

Tavo is a creative business that collaborates with some of the most prestigious advertising studios and agencies, providing them with a wealth of knowledge and multidisciplinary digital experience.

Between reality, 3D, typography, and animation, this self-taught Sevillian jumped from advertising to the interactive world and has since moved like a fish out of water, collaborating with the most prestigious entities, working for multinational clients and brands and teaching classes and workshops to some of the most prestigious schools and events in the world.


Survival for designers

21/6/2017 | 10:05

Ricardo Tayar

Flat 101

If we talk about the past 20 years in the digital sector, we are actually referring practically to the lifetime of this sector in our country. Ricardo Tayar, the current CEO and co-founder of Flat 101, a company specializing in the design, development, and optimization of digital business models, has also been awarded the best business for transaction and conversion
in Spain.

A specialist in UX research, author of the first study of digital conversion in this country, and a first class international speaker, today Ricardo will tell us about his experience firsthand.


The state of conversion and its relation to the good design of digital products

22/6/2017 | 13:25

Andrés Pérez

Marca personal

A chemist, responsible for product in the most diverse multinationals and the creator of the Personal Brand concept in Spain, Andrés Pérez Ortega is without a doubt the reference in terms of personal positioning in this country.

The author of a variety of books and other publications, he will share his insights with us in what will be a unique communication experience.


How to be the best option, generating memorable experiences

21/6/2017 | 13:30

María Velasco

Accenture Interactive

In the past five years, María has worked in the digital transformation of companies in the world of banking, commerce, and health. Her great passion is user research, a key element these days, where loyalty to a product or service is difficult to achieve and loyalty to a brand is even harder. She currently works as a digital transformation consultant and led the UX department at Accenture Interactive.

She is passionate about psychology and sociology and believes that we are experiencing one of the greatest social changes of all time. She declares herself a digital optimist, strongly believing that the technological and digital development we are experiencing now will help us solve a variety of challenges we are facing in modern times.


What will the health sector be like in 15 years? The next steps in the technology of health and the patient experience

21/6/2017 | 16:45

César Astudillo


His 29-year career gave him time to code for banks, compose video game soundtracks, design digital services, and now, develop the Strategic Design practice in Designit, one of the main multinational consultancies in the field.
Don’t miss all that this creative genius has prepared for us… It is a lot!


Experience Fighters: ¿who do we fight for?

21/6/2017 | 09:40

Emilio García


This UX/UI designer has been working for more than 12 years as a part of the design and development teams of the main communication groups in the country, participating in experiential design, data analysis and visualization, geolocation, programming and product design, and webs.

Additionally, Emilio teaches in institutions such as IED, IE, and ISDI. Luckily for us, we have him here to teach us as well!


There will be dragons

22/6/2017 | 11:00

Nacho Villoch

Capitán Cook

A content generator, tireless traveler, and an author of two books about innovation and entrepreneurship, Nacho Villoch is an expert of innovation in communication, to which he has dedicated himself to for more than a decade.

Additionally, this all-encompassing communicator participates in various entrepreneurial communities and projects, creating conceptual designs that have earned him awards and recognition.


Lost in the ocean of innovation or the jungle of talent? Draw yourself a map

22/6/2017 | 12:50