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Global UX Director @ King


Christopher has led product design teams in the US and Europe for over a decade, specializing in strategic projects. Today he is “Senior Director: Experimental User Experience” at King, the makers of Candy Crush.

Previously, Christopher worked with Tuenti, Credit Suisse and Grupo Inter com, as well as innovative startups. He was SVP for User Experience at the education site Sclipo when it was named one of Red Herring’s “World’s 100 Most Innovative Companies”.

When not working, he mentors startups in Google’s Launchpad programs in Barcelona and Johannesburg and teaches User Experience Strategy and Management at KSchool, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and ESADE.

My UX “Saga”: Teaching the people who make games a new way to play

  • Keynote
  • Wed 19 | 13:45h
  • English
  • EN/ES

Everyone says they “put their users first” but, like “go to the gym” or “eat your vegetables”, it’s easier said than done. To create lasting change , you must change people’s  behavior and reboot their mindset. The good news is designing a way of working is a lot like designing a product: just swap the employee for the end user.

Chris Grant has spent the last 5 years at King trying to start a “player-centered” revolution in a business that, despite great success, must continue to evolve to survive. In the last 2 years, he has made major progress by applying his UX and Product experience to King’s “internal” user to get them to design and test in a new way.

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