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CEO @ Hijos de Rivera, S.A.U.

Rivera Quintana

Ignacio Rivera Quintana belongs to the Rivera family, he is the great-grandson of the founder who started the beer company  in 1906. 

He joined the company in 1990 and took on the Commercial and Marketing Management in 1994. From 1999, as Joint General Manager and Advisor of Hijos de Rivera, S.A. he designed and led the launch of new brands as well as an ambitious diversification of the products. 

In 2o07 he became CEO of Hijos de Rivera, believing in innovation, international expansion and the distribution business. In 2012 he was appointed General Manager, consolidating the national presence of the company, promoting international expansion and broadening the water business. In 2016 he received the Manager of the Year award from the ‘Club de Dirigentes de la Industria y la Distribución’. In 2017 Estrella Galicia entered the select group of the 30 most valuable Spanish companies. 

His bet on a differentiating strategy based on quality, tradition, culture and continuous innovation has led Hijos de Rivera to overcome the 500 million mark in turnover and the 300 million liters produced in 2018. “Having a unique proposal is what makes us different. Whomever wants this beer knows that it is made on a low heat, that we make unique recipes, that it is manufactured in one sole plant.”

If you want to innovate, be different: the key tips from hijos de rivera

  • Keynote
  • Thu 20 | 16:15h
  • Spanish
  • ES/EN

In the changing environment we find ourselves, being a reference point in innovation upholding values and the essence of a centenary family owned business becomes a challenge that has been taken on by Hijos de Rivera as an opportunity to be different. 

During this talk Ignacio Rivera will offer his vision and they key tips that have enabled Hijos de Rivera to differentiate themselves from competitors, becoming a key ally in client success and offering unique experiences to consumers. 


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