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Interaction Designer at @ VPRO broadcasting

Van Driessche

Marie van Driessche is a Dutch designer from Amsterdam. Being a designer, she is fascinated by how people interact with digital products. Currently she works at VPRO broadcasting.

Marie has a BA in Graphic Design from the Royal Academy of Arts in the Netherlands and an MA Graphic Moving Image from University of Arts, London, UK. After graduating from UAL she moved to France to work as a designer. She worked on developing accessibility solutions trough broadcasting messages in French Sign Language by virtual characters.

Inclusive Design, More than you hear

  • Keynote
  • Wed 19 | 11:00h
  • English
  • EN/ES

Exclusion happens when we solve problems using our own biases. But how do we seek out those exclusions, and use them as opportunities to create new ideas and inclusive design?

In this presentation Marie will share her unique perspective on inclusivity and how she experiences the world as a deaf designer. You’ll learn how designing for deaf people actually results in designs that benefit people universally and how constraints are a beautiful thing.


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