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Service Design Principal @ Idean


Payal Wadhwa is the Service Design Principal at Idean, a global design studio (www.idean.com). She’s curious about the interplay between design, data and societal transformation and advocates the need to go gentler into the future. Her focus lies on the interplay between products, services and experiences, the impact of our work, and the future of business.

Formally trained as a museum designer, Payal has spent the last 15 years focused on immersive and interactive experience design, design for policy, design-centred organisational change and digital evolution of business. Recent clients have included High Speed Rail (HS2), Vodafone, Barclays, Deutsche Telecom, Tate Modern, Rolls Royce, amongst others.

Before joining Idean where her work centres around crafting Beta Businesses and Connected Experiences, Payal was the Head of Service Design at Fjord in London. Here she led large scale digital transformation projects and building innovation and design-led data programmes for partners like BP, Unilever, Arcadis amongst others.

She teaches at Design Thinkers Academy whilst lecturing on service design programs, globally. She loves a challenge that allows her to wade neck-deep into complexity and she reads without prejudice. Unless it’s badly typeset.

Building universes that sing in tandem

  • Keynote
  • Wed 19 | 18:15h
  • English
  • EN/ES

There’s been enough conversation over the last decade around how our physical and digital universes will come together. There’s even a terrible word for it, phygital –  that agencies worldwide use to describe this uncomfortable marriage. Digital is not a definitive singular future and yet we find the world wax eloquent about it.

The two universes continue to collide, embed and evolve – and we now find ourselves at the cliffhanger of the storyline.

How will our worlds look tomorrow, when our behaviours across each universe translate into the other and the social construct of our realities is defined by clickbait and the need to please and conform across social platforms. The way we shop, entertain, decompress, live and even breathe – can now be defined by the interplay of these universes. So where we go next needs considerate thought. And action. Because our collective futures depend on it.


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