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Strategic Design Director @ Designit


Verónica Bello is an architect and service designer, who currently works as Strategic Design Director at Designit, global strategic design firm with over 20 years’ history. During her career, she has conjugated the spacial design with other disciplines, such as service design, through the definition of specific solutions that integrate people and technology. From research and conceptualization to implementation, she has led projects in diverse sectors and markets, working with multidisciplinary teams.

The future of the bank branch in the digital age

  • Keynote
  • Wed 19 | 15:30h
  • Spanish
  • ES/EN

Facing the challenge of understanding the natural evolution of bank branches and making use of the opportunities within this context, a team formed by BBVA and Designit worked together in order to redefine the power of physical tools in the financial services sector, which is becoming increasingly digital.

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